Alice is known to all, but could not everyone in The World is The "Alice in wonderland", it is more of "The word 's loneliest whale Alice". We are forever alone with others don't understand the song, perhaps we are laughing and talking, but The heart is another Yifan scenery.
We will grow, slowly becoming a lonely small island... each with a different landscape. We also do not directly say to people, ' I like you, because crows like a desk. We were like Alice insisted on leaving trees that grew up, forget they will always remember his Mad Hatter. Girls than boys growing up fast, I think so.    
Can't forget the family, have to leave Wonderland Alice. Is even home chose to stay at Neverland, never grows less than little boys ' Peter Pan, ' I'd like to be without love Peter Pan and never grow up are freer to fly, than adults, become insensitive adults. Once upon a time we all used to be a Prince, but then we were transformed, arranged, were gradually growing up, slowly forget the roses and Fox, forgetting our small, fragile planet. Face it, we do nothing. We used to be carefree Prince, Princess, but the time away when I was a child, brings the future to a man's wife, mother of one child, live budget-minded little boring hard life makes us forget our childhood aspirations and friends, as if we had never met. Once-young said those ideals, into a dream now. Is someone who has the same ideal of the ladies laughed, they forgot their roses, forget your little Fox, into they hate most of the adults.